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TeePlates by Australele | Expander


Content Management for Printfection Made Easy!!!

Welcome to TeePlates Expand, a new way to add rich user content to your Printfection store that is as easy as using a word processor.

The Old WayPrintfection provides a great platform for your "Print On Demand" business. A free store with a wide range of options and customisation possibilities lets you present a professional business to the web. Unfortunately though, there are some content limitations, particularly with Section descriptions and Product descriptions. Both of these are limited to 255 characters which gives you just enough space to provide a basic description and not much else. Not only that, you will probably want to set up an about us or contact page for your store, all of which is virtually impossible with only 255 characters to play with.

Breaking the barrier !!

The Wysiwyg EditorUsing Expand is as easy as using word processor. Create your own content and format it as you like with the feature rich Expand editor. You can copy and paste content or even work in HTML mode, writing your own markup for display on your store. Once you are happy with the conent, you can embed it into your store with one simple line of code. Your content will be displayed in all its glory to your shoppers, giving the extra compelling information to get them to buy.

How Does it work? See it in action

Are you Using TeePlates Expand?

Send me a link to your store where you are using TeePlates Expand so that I can create a links pagesand let the community see how creative you can be. Email me from here.

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